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Sustainable Holiday Village Resort

in Tuscany Etruscan Coast

A small paradise in the heart of Tuscany, Paradù a sustainable Holiday Village Resort.

We offer pure and natural luxury on 36 hectares at the "Alta Maremma" coast, with centuries-old pine groves and a huge beach with finest sand and a gentle slope towards the Thyrrenian Sea. Our coastal section was awarded the Blue Flag, the eco label for sustainable tourism. Holm oak, Mediterranean pine and bushes stretch almost to the beach and provide protection and food for numerous squirrels, rabbits and even deer and stags.

The balance between human and nature - this is our philosophy at Paradù.

Spend your holiday in an environmentally friendly environment, where respect towards nature and saving energy are two cornerstones of our philosophy.

Our chalets are distributed within 36 hectares of Mediterranean Maquis. The small houses are made of untreated wood, are portable, set up on the sandy ground, and 100% recyclable. Every apartment is individually connected to water and electricity. The consumption can be controlled via a control panel in every chalet and be adjusted if there is excessive consumption. Most of the building material of the interior design is natural and can be recycled.

So that our guests can actively support our eco-friendly philosophy and close connection to nature, we promote waste separation. In addition, the use of motor vehicles is not allowed on our resort's grounds.

Cars can be parked in the parking lot of our resort.


Green Globe is the internationally renowned program that provides certification for sustainable operations and management of businesses which traces its roots back to the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992. Green Globe provides certification, training and education in 94 countries worldwide. Green Globe members are widely regarded as industry leaders in their geographical regions.


Enable your card at the Reception to have a secure and flexible access to PALINA charger and recharge your car easily in the parking lot of the Resort. Paradù has 2 double poles: two alternating current outlets allow the simultaneous recharge of two electric vehicles, cars or scooters.


July 1967: A Club Mediteranèe opens in Donoratico. It is the largest resort of its kind worldwide. This event led to a drastic turnaround of tourism in Tuscany and throughout Italy, with a combination of naturalism and radical chic being at the heart of Club Med's philosophy. The resort was characterized by Polynesian tukuls, the typical huts that also used to be the symbol of Paradù for fifty years. Due to strong international competition, Club Med had to close its gates in 2003.

A group of local entrepreneurs still believed in the deep beauty of the location and breathed new life into the resort 10 years after it had closed. This way, a new resort was created, influenced by eco tourism. The old cement foundations of the original tukuls were removed. The only firmly built buildings left are the community buildings of the previous Club Med, including restaurant, kitchen, bar, pools and reception.

In 2014, the Paradù Tuscany Eco Resort was opened.

Why Paradù? "Paradù" is the original term for an axe that was lost by pirates who had to flee. As going ashore was easy in this region, it was regularly visited by pirates. Today, the name indicates a place with a stream that was actually used by pirates at the time.

Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort