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Walking in Nature at Paradù

The Benefits of Walking

Is there anyone who can question the benefits of walking? It seems not because, both scientific research and personal experiences show that a nice walk can have decidedly positive effects on the body and mind.
In addition, walking has the advantage of being a simple activity, innate to mankind and, consequently, completely natural. We have always needed to walk to live, feed, hunt and protect ourselves. In today's society, however, we are walking less and less, with serious impact on our psycho-physical conditions. So much so that the Ministry of Health itself points its finger against physical inactivity, indicating it as the fourth mortality risk factor in the world.
So let's get back into motion and see why walking is a real cure for body and spirit.

Walking is beneficial to muscles and bones
Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and loss of muscle tone can be prevented and slowed down thanks to a daily walk. Muscle fiber, with higher blood circulation is more oxygenated and is stronger and toner. The elasticity of joints is secured and the bone tissue, in turn, maintains the right mineral density which serves to counteract osteoporosis.
Ian Roberts of the Institute of Child Health in London points out that twice the increase of female fractures over the past three decades is linked to a 21% reduction in walking.

Lower cholesterol and stronger lungs

With each step our blood circulation increases, the aorta pushes more blood to the heart, the walls of our veins increase their elasticity and the blood flows encountering less resistance. Do you know the results of this increased activity? A decrease in cholesterol and blood pressure. In truth, a little exercise is enough to improve an existing pathology or to prevent it if you are still healthy, earning yourself a medication-free future.
No only heart and circulatory system benefit from walking, but also lungs also like this activity. The thoracic muscles strengthen and increase the space available for the lungs that can thus expand and fill up with oxygen. Needless to say the importance of where the walk takes place. In nature the air is pure and pollution is just a bad memory.

Get in shape and wake up your metabolism

If you are at war with the scale do not underestimate the importance that a walk can have on your shape. A 30-minute walk at an average speed of about 7/8 km per hour allows you to burn 150 to 200 calories. But that's not all because, at the same time, you also give your metabolism the chance to speed up. The maximum results are obtained by alternating 10 minutes of fast walk with 10 minutes of slower pace.

An antidote to depression

Mood, self-esteem and sleep quality are better in people who have the habit of walking regularly. Anxiety, stress and tiredness are also significantly reduced in physically active people who 30% less at a risk of going through depression. By the way, even those who are already struggling against the evil of the century can benefit from a daily walk.
A Queensland University study found an improvement in the quality of life in middle-aged women suffering from depression who walked 200 minutes a week at an average pace. Higher energy levels, increased socialization and activity, a more optimistic vision of the future and a general improvement in health were the important results achieved.
As far as the elderly are concerned, the recommendation is also to remain active as much as possible to improve cognitive functions, attention, memory and processing speed as well as to reduce the risk of dementia.

How much and how to walk

Of course if you are not trained, it’s best to avoid excessively long and challenging walks that risk to demotivate you after a couple of days. Start with a 10-minute walk at medium pace, rest 2 or 3 minutes, and continue with another 10 minutes of walking. Over time increase the length of the exercise and its intensity.
On the other hand, those who are already trained can take into account the indications of the World Health Organization that suggests to walk at least 10000 steps a day, even not consecutively, for psycho-physical well-being.
To enhance the benefits you should also pay attention as to how you walk. Needless to say, the first rule is to wear suitable shoes and keep your arms at 90° during your walk in order for optimal movement of the body. The way you place your foot on the ground and support the weight of the body is also very important. Regular exercise is capable of balancing the joints of the knee and foot so make sure your heel reaches the ground before the rest of the foot.

Walks in nature at Paradù

Our Eco Resort, extending into 36 hectares of Mediterranean scrub and overlooking the sea,it is an ideal place where to grant yourself a daily walk or even start on this good habit.
Walking and enjoying the shade of our beloved pines or take a walk on the beach at sunset taking in the sea breeze will not only be an opportunity for physical well-being, but also one more pleasure memory of your stay at Paradù.


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  • I was there for a week on half pension, “only” breakfast and dinner included. The food was amazing, the selection of dishes was huge! The staff were kind and friendly, the accommodation was superb. The swimming pools and jacuzzis relaxing. The beach is easily accessible and not full with people which is great. Overall I would say one of the best experiences I’ve had in a holiday


  • This is a great vacation facility, located on the beautiful Tuscany beach. It is a closed complex of multiple chalets with a kids po, restaurants and an open theatre. The restaurants are poor, but you always will find a good pizza :-) You can survive almost without leaving the resort, as you have a convenient store with most of the needed products from bakery, delicatessen to produce, beauty and beverages.

    Tomek T

  • Villaggio bellissimo molto curato e pulito ho soggiornato per 3 giorni in un lodge immerso nel verde con TV e aria condizionata e bagnetto con doccia. Trenino per gli spostamenti molto comodo. Piscina con bar e area fitness con bici da spinning. Colazione, pranzo e cena tutto al buffet con varietà di portate per tutti i gusti. L' animazione dopo cena propone spettacoli molto belli

    Mirko Hopahi

  • The lodge tent was perfect and clean. Also the kind staff was really helpfull. Especially for kids this is a perfect resort. Also the area is perfect, a lot of wineyards and tastings.


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