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Castagnaccio is a typical autumn dessert made on chestnut flour. This is also a poor dish of peasant origin being the chestnut widespread in the countryside, inexpensive and nutritious. The first news of this dessert dates back to 1500 and it seems to have been conceived by a certain Pilade from Lucca; from the 1800s it is enriched with raisins and pine nuts and spreads to the rest of Italy. It is characteristic of the Apennine areas of Tuscany, Liguria, Emilia and Piedmont.

It was also called wood bread or bread of the poor for the simplicity of the ingredients (but the names it takes in the various areas of Italy are varied: a low bread, not leavened, prepared with humble ingredients guillotine, pattona, toppone, baldino and migliaccio). The original recipe is really very simple: the chestnut flour obtained from the grinding of dried, dense, satiating and nourishing chestnuts, mixed with water, oil and rosemary to obtain a low bread, not leavened, which replaced the most precious one obtained from wheat flour.

An Autumn Cake

This dish also has a curious side: it was said that the rosemary leaflets used in the recipes were a filter of love: the young man who ate dessert offered to him by a woman would fall in love with her and marry her.

Already in the beginning, however, there wasn’t a codified recipe of chestnut, which could be enriched with sugar, orange zest, fennel seeds, honey but also cheese or lard according to the available ingredients. Over time, raisins and pine nuts have become the two most appreciated ingredients, and today they are part of the classic recipe.

Tuscan recipes

According to the Tuscan recipe it should be made with chestnut flour from Mount Amiata which has is on the market beginning from the end of November. It is usually cooked in a wide, round baking tray, with low edges, possibly made of copper, and is ready when the surface appears cracked. The result, given the ingredients, is obviously not a tall and fluffy cake, but a low and moist focaccia, with a delicate and full flavor.

Castagnaccio can be served with honey or hazelnut cream, but it goes very well with salted dishes too: try it, still warm, with cold cuts and cheeses.


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  • I was there for a week on half pension, “only” breakfast and dinner included. The food was amazing, the selection of dishes was huge! The staff were kind and friendly, the accommodation was superb. The swimming pools and jacuzzis relaxing. The beach is easily accessible and not full with people which is great. Overall I would say one of the best experiences I’ve had in a holiday


  • This is a great vacation facility, located on the beautiful Tuscany beach. It is a closed complex of multiple chalets with a kids po, restaurants and an open theatre. The restaurants are poor, but you always will find a good pizza :-) You can survive almost without leaving the resort, as you have a convenient store with most of the needed products from bakery, delicatessen to produce, beauty and beverages.

    Tomek T

  • Villaggio bellissimo molto curato e pulito ho soggiornato per 3 giorni in un lodge immerso nel verde con TV e aria condizionata e bagnetto con doccia. Trenino per gli spostamenti molto comodo. Piscina con bar e area fitness con bici da spinning. Colazione, pranzo e cena tutto al buffet con varietà di portate per tutti i gusti. L' animazione dopo cena propone spettacoli molto belli

    Mirko Hopahi

  • The lodge tent was perfect and clean. Also the kind staff was really helpfull. Especially for kids this is a perfect resort. Also the area is perfect, a lot of wineyards and tastings.


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