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The Green Village of tomorrow in the Etruscan Coast

Paradù EcoVillage & Resort

The Paradu Tuscany Eco Resort is at Donoratico, in the heart of Tuscany, where the hills covered in vineyards that yield sugar-rich grapes slowly sink their roots into the crystal-clear sea, in a cradle naturally created by the Mediterranean maquis, which runs right down to the beach, with sea daffodils (Pancratium Maritimum) providing the last few metres of vegetation.

As you sink your feet into the fine sand, your eyes seek out the infinite horizon, placing you in the centre of a dimension where you feel at home, an integral part of an ecosystem which supports and nurtures all its components.

the world's largest Club Mediterranée

Paradu Tuscany Eco Resort is inspired by this elegant, relaxing dream, and complete oneness with nature. Initially, it had a different name: it was in July 1967 that the world's largest Club Mediterranée, an avant-garde facility promoting a tourism with Radical Chic Naturism as its keynote, opened its doors to visitors. The village featured Polynesian tukul huts, which are still, almost fifty years later, the leitmotiv and symbol of Paradù.

In 2003, international competition caused the closure of the Club Med, and just ten years later a group of local businessmen, in love with the location's exclusive, irresistible beauty, decided to create an innovative complex, inspired by the principles of eco-friendly, sustainable, environmentally aware tourism, a place capable of offering today's visitors a glimpse of a different, more positive, people-centred future.

The concrete foundations of the old accommodation structures were demolished and removed, leaving just the masonry of the communal buildings. The new chalets are designed to be completely removable, standing on sand and 100% recyclable, and every apartment is conceived to be independent in terms of water and energy consumption.

The utmost tranquillity and energy saving are also guaranteed by means of the many internal strategies involving the guests themselves: from waste recycling to eco-friendly activities for children, from experiences for discovering the local flora to the ban on the use of motor vehicles inside the resort.

Paradù opened its doors to tourism in 2014, with a new name inspired by the historic sword lost by pirates as they made their escape during one of their many raids on this coastline, particularly vulnerable due to the easy landings it offered.

A perfect name for expressing an adventurous lifestyle, suitable for families and people wishing to explore an area and its mysterious sides, discovering its priceless treasures one by one.


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  • I was there for a week on half pension, “only” breakfast and dinner included. The food was amazing, the selection of dishes was huge! The staff were kind and friendly, the accommodation was superb. The swimming pools and jacuzzis relaxing. The beach is easily accessible and not full with people which is great. Overall I would say one of the best experiences I’ve had in a holiday


  • This is a great vacation facility, located on the beautiful Tuscany beach. It is a closed complex of multiple chalets with a kids po, restaurants and an open theatre. The restaurants are poor, but you always will find a good pizza :-) You can survive almost without leaving the resort, as you have a convenient store with most of the needed products from bakery, delicatessen to produce, beauty and beverages.

    Tomek T

  • Villaggio bellissimo molto curato e pulito ho soggiornato per 3 giorni in un lodge immerso nel verde con TV e aria condizionata e bagnetto con doccia. Trenino per gli spostamenti molto comodo. Piscina con bar e area fitness con bici da spinning. Colazione, pranzo e cena tutto al buffet con varietà di portate per tutti i gusti. L' animazione dopo cena propone spettacoli molto belli

    Mirko Hopahi

  • The lodge tent was perfect and clean. Also the kind staff was really helpfull. Especially for kids this is a perfect resort. Also the area is perfect, a lot of wineyards and tastings.


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