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Tuscany Italy seaside resort

Holiday villages right by the sea in Tuscany, your vacation in a marvellous location

Consult the map to discover the spaces at your disposal and start to savour your holiday now. As you can see, you're unlikely to find other resorts in Tuscany so immersed in the natural context, right by the sea, ready to offer a seamless mix of deep relaxation, wellness and fun.
Begin to design your made-to-measure experience now and prepare for an absolutely romantic, regenerative all inclusive vacation.
Paradu Eco Resort, care for life.

Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


Paradu Eco Resort, an environmentally sustainable complex immersed in greenery, where every Tuscany chalet is sheltered in the cool shade of umbrella pines and ilex, right by the sea and with privileged access to the Tuscan hinterland

Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


Every day we work to revolutionise the concept of all inclusive family resorts, striving to give all guests the opportunity of real customised vacations in Tuscany

Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


The Paradu Tuscany Eco Resort is at Donoratico, in the heart of Tuscany, where the hills covered in vineyards that yield sugar-rich grapes slowly sink their roots into the crystal-clear sea

Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


We have revolutionised the holiday village concept, drawing inspiration from Tuscany and its sea, seeking to redefine “all inclusive” starting from the natural embrace of an exquisite context, appreciated to perfection in every chalet, every facility and every square metre of our grounds.


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