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Wine tasting Tuscany

Wine tasting in Tuscany, a delightful gourmet restaurant dedicated to the excellence of wine

Wine tasting in Tuscany is essential for any type of tourist, especially those who appreciate the ability of a gourmet restaurant to combine the flavours of meat and fish, the tastes of vegetables and traditionally made products, like cheese, with Tuscan red and white wines.

Welcome to our wine bar. A tasting is the best introduction to the ancient wine tradition, for exploring a territory where every grape tells of the ancestral hardships of rural life, and the pleasure and joy of coming together around a table or hearth, sipping the fruits of hard work, with respect for nature.

The flavour and bouquet of Bolgheri Rosso, for example, owe a great deal to the place where the grapes are grown. Immersed in the Tuscan hills, 400 metres above sea level, the vineyards benefit from the nearby sea, which not only provides a milder temperature but is also an added source of light.

Since they overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea, the vineyards are strategically located for hours of sunlight. The water of the sea also plays an important role in reflecting the sun's rays, and this indirect light helps the grapes to ripen more slowly. The qualities of the local soil and climate are reflected in the sensory characteristics of this wine, with its deep, complex colour.

You will taste on your palate the sea breeze blowing through the rows of vines at Bolgheri, where the sweetness of the grapes expresses a genuine symbiosis with the environment, a story that tells of the hand of man, who has moulded the landscape while treating it with the greatest respect, as a gift from God.

The pleasant, festive sound of decanters and wine-glasses will accompany you on a journey through dinner, with tastings of Supertuscans (Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Masseto) and bottles of Vermentino, Rosso di Maremma or Pisa, together with gourmet Tuscan dishes, taken from the traditional recipe book and updated with delightful touches and interpretations by the restaurant's chef.

Explore Tuscany starting from the nearby estates, such as the highly refined Guado al Tasso, or the famous Campo al Noce, and the “superior” labels of Caccia al Piano. From here, we metaphorically approach the ancient villages of Montalcino and Montepulciano, where a bright, lively bouquet represents the proud, characterful universe of Chianti wines.

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Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


Three restaurants, Tuscany, Italian and international cuisine with waiter service, by the sea or inside the holiday village, with a view of the magical pinewood and the 36 hectares of wooded grounds with pine and ilex trees

Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


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Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


The most sophisticated, genuine restaurant by the sea in Tuscany, A la Carte Restaurant Dal Maestro is a refined, romantic location directly overlooking the sea

Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


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Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


The pool bar is the finishing touch to the pools; modern in design, it brings all the vibrancy of Tuscany to the poolside area

Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


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Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


Our Tuscan Boutique is a real gateway to central Italy, and its flavours and typical produce: one important way of discovering Tuscany is to savour its food tradition, taste its wines, and trace back centuries of friendship between man and nature


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