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Tuscany village resort

Your holiday starts with a Tuscany village resort, the sea and the purest wellbeing just waiting to be explored

Our village resort in Tuscany is the perfect seaside gateway for intrepid, carefree holidays with children, relaxing or visiting the surrounding area: the Bolgheri hills, travelling the unpaved roads that lead from the Costa degli Etruschi to discover wine and olive oil, pathways which, over the centuries, have given birth to recipes and dishes found nowhere else in the world, central to the identity of a whole population, people always ready to laugh or play, and firm believers in the only true luxury: high quality of life.

There are infinite opportunities for exploration. From the Livorno Mountain Park to the Calafuria Park, and from the Archaeological Mines Park of San Silvestro to the old roads, rich in Etruscan remains, of the Baratti and Populonia Park, and the rows of vines that represent the finest labels and wineries on the "Strada del Vino" itinerary. Set off for a tour to ancient little churches and magnificent medieval hamlets with a fairytale look. First of all Castagneto Carducci, then, Volterra, San Gimignano and its incredible towers, Casale Marittimo and Montescudaio, to name just some truly breath-taking places.

Every town or village has is own festivals and events, its own food specialities, so every single stop on your way will bring new experiences, where you can get to know and appreciate all the flavours the region has to offer. Sustainable tourism has never been so delicious: we believe an eco-friendly holiday also includes this, an adventure in natural surroundings, in enchanting places and through the flavours and fragrances of the medieval towns.
Tuscany has a magical essence just waiting to be discovered in all its thousand forms, a dream to delight everyone who loves the good and beautiful things life has to offer.

Book your chalet in this resort in Tuscany for children and families now, and enjoy the best holiday accommodation, an all inclusive facility created to build tailor-made experiences, with environmental protection at their core.
Paradu Eco Resort, care for life.

Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


Hiking in Tuscany is the ideal experience for lovers of discovery, for budding National Geographic writers, ready to set off from the holiday village to seek out the most fascinating places to visit

Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


Wine vacations are an appealing alternative to beach life. You only have to exit the resort and you are immediately on the route to the Bolgheri Strada del Vino, that will reveal to you the origins of Tuscany, its traditions and its latest innovations

Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


The ancient Tuscan villages, scattered across woodland clearings or dominating the hillsides, are amongst the must-see places if you wish to discover Italy's authentic, ancestral heart

Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


Some Tuscan Parks have to be included on anyone's must-see list

Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort
Paradù Tuscany Ecoresort


If you're looking for a resort where you can practise sports, keep fit and care for your physical and mental balance, don't wait: book your fitness holiday experience


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