Corporate Incentives

Corporate Incentives

Corporate Incentives in Tuscany


The corporate incentive is the set of ways in which employees and collaborators of a company are rewarded for what they have done to grow the business. It represents a reward, a tangible and always welcome demonstration of appreciation for productive work and is used to consolidate the spirit of belonging to a team, a group. A group stay is one of the most interesting and productive business incentives. But, to organise a corporate incentive event, how should you go about it to make sure you get the best result?
A location must be chosen that is suitable for accommodating the team, offering wellness and relaxation to all members, to increase cohesion and fellowship.
The Paradù EcoVillage & Resort, in Tuscany, on the beautiful Etruscan Coast, at the foot of the romantic hills on which the world-famous ancient villages are nestled, is the ideal location for organising corporate incentive events.


Our resort also stands out for its culinary offer. The restaurant serves traditional Tuscan dishes prepared with high-quality local ingredients.
For leisure, the resort offers a wide range of activities, including water sports, excursions into the surrounding countryside, wine tastings and visits to places of historical and cultural interest. These activities offer participants a unique opportunity to strengthen ties with each other and discover the beauty of Tuscany.
The Paradù EcoVillage & Resort in Tuscany is the perfect place to combine work and leisure. Participants will return home not only with new business perspectives, but also with precious memories of an unforgettable experience in one of Italy’s most fascinating regions. Choosing our resort for your next corporate incentive means being inspired, relaxed and connected like never before.

For the well-being of the Company Team

This innovative resort in Tuscany is the perfect location for corporate incentive programmes, because it can offer employees and staff of a company the opportunity to combine work and leisure in an environment with unparalleled services and comfort. It will be an experience that will boost your team’s productivity and well-being, while you enjoy all that the Etruscan Coast and Tuscany have to offer. Choose our resort for your next corporate incentive and prepare to achieve superior business goals while creating unforgettable memories.
Organising a corporate incentive at Paradù EcoVillage & Resort is not an expense: it is an investment in the effectiveness and morale of your team. It will be an opportunity to reward and motivate your employees while they enjoy one of Italy’s most beautiful locations. Participants will return to work with new energy, taking with them extraordinary memories of this experience in Tuscany.

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