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Good news for travel agencies working with Paradù!

In order to speed up the pricing and confirmation process of customers or travel agents reservations, Paradù Resort has activated the Reserved Area for Travel Agents within the Booking Engine.

Request your personal code today.

Fill out the registration form at the bottom of the page or contact the Booking Office at

We will send you the personal code and you will be set to book in 3 simple steps!

We take this opportunity to remind that Paradù guarantees all agencies that book through the Booking Engine a 18% commission on rack rates of accommodation and meals.

Below are all the details to use your personal area on our Booking Engine, Travel Agency Area.

Note well: to access the Travel Agency Area click on “LINK TO TRAVEL AGENCY AREA” on the top left of the page or on the link on the yellow banner.

step 1

Step 1

Once you receive your personal access code from our Booking Office (view instructions above) you can log into your Personal Area on our BOOKING ENGINE TRAVEL AGENCY AREA. Enter your code in the ACCOUNT COMPANY/AGENCY/TO field. The black bar at the top will indicate that you are inside your reserved area where you can always view all your reservations.

Step 2

To view prices click on the HOME button and enter the details of the request. You will see the available accommodation types and the price net of the commission and discounts applied. Choose the preferred accommodation and combine any additional services such as meals and beach service. On the left you will always see the updated total of the stay and you will be able to remove unwanted services.

Step 3

Once you have added all the desired services to your guest’s stay click CONTINUE and fill in the customer information. You can choose whether to pay the net amount by credit card or bank transfer*. You will receive a first confirmation email (“pending payment”) that will temporarily block the availability of the accommodation you have chosen. Once the payment is successful or the bank transfer is confirmed you will receive a second final confirmation (“payment received”)**. Your booking is confirmed!


*If you choose this payment method you will find our bank details indicated. This option will be available only within the set time limits.
**NB: The system will automatically cancel the booking if the payment is not completed and you will receive email notice of the cancellation.

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