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Paradù Resort

Green Holidays

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Green Holidays

Eco Resort in Tuscany Etruscan Coast

An eco-sustainable holiday village, a place where responsible tourism benefits the local area, an opportunity to rediscover your roots, enjoy life, relax and build a better tomorrow. An eco-friendly resort in Tuscany, Central Italy, a region with a unique history and an irresistible mix of medieval hamlets, vineyards, roads lined with cypress trees, mountain itineraries and lush, wooded countryside.

Green Village

This eco-sustainable resort's first aim is to help to develop a sustainable, child-centred world, capable of safeguarding both talent and the natural context, taking advantage of innovative technologies and protecting the green landscape around us. Being part of this project means helping to protect nature and the ecosystem not neglecting the fun part of a vacation.

As in the best holiday villages, days are action-packed, with the pool, hydromassage tubs, children's play scheme, entertainment, exercise, dancing and sports courses, but every amenity has its eco-friendly side. The chalets and lodge tents are eco-compatible, completely removable structures, standing on sand and 100% recyclable, and every apartment is independent in terms of water and energy consumption: an internal control panel manages them and alternates them in case of excessive waste. Most construction materials used for the interiors are recyclable.

Green Village

36 hectares of ancient pine woods

Enjoy the sublime mood: 36 hectares of ancient pine woods overlooking the Etruscan Coast, with a broad beach of fine sand, washed by the clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, awarded the Blue Flag for quality. The entire grounds are wooded with ilex and umbrella pines, providing pleasant shade throughout and offering shelter and food to squirrels and rabbits.

Complete harmony between vacation activities and a landscape protection, leisure and sustainable tourism, the ideal village for encouraging children's curiosity and enthusiasms even in summer, supporting their growth and protecting their future. Discover our projects and make them your own, from waste recycling to creating a vegetable plot, from programmes supporting our region to the involvement of the most brilliant minds in the sustainability field.

“MEDONORATICO S.R.L. Progetto finanziato nel quadro del

POR CreO FESR Toscana 2014-2020

Bando Energia 2017 Azione 4.2.1 a1 - Il progetto “Paradù Ecoresort” (operazione CUP 7012.22052017.10900038) ha previsto la sostituzione di scaldacqua elettrici con scaldacqua a pompa di calore (4a) e l’installazione di impianto fotovoltaico per l’autoconsumo (5b) con l’obiettivo di risparmio energetico rispetto ai consumi ante intervento degli ultimi 3 anni. Scarica il Poster del POR CREO.

“MEDONORATICO S.R.L. Project co-financed under

Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020”

Energy Mission 2017 Action 4.2.1 a1 - The project "Paradù Ecoresort" (operation CUP 7012.22052017.10900038) has accomplished the replacement of electric water heaters with heat pump water heaters (4a) and the installation of photovoltaic system for internal expenditure (5b) with the goal of saving energy compared to the pre-intervention consumption of the last 3 years. Download the CREO POR Poster.


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Tuscany at the centre of your amazing holidays


  • I was there for a week on half pension, “only” breakfast and dinner included. The food was amazing, the selection of dishes was huge! The staff were kind and friendly, the accommodation was superb. The swimming pools and jacuzzis relaxing. The beach is easily accessible and not full with people which is great. Overall I would say one of the best experiences I’ve had in a holiday


  • This is a great vacation facility, located on the beautiful Tuscany beach. It is a closed complex of multiple chalets with a kids po, restaurants and an open theatre. The restaurants are poor, but you always will find a good pizza :-) You can survive almost without leaving the resort, as you have a convenient store with most of the needed products from bakery, delicatessen to produce, beauty and beverages.

    Tomek T

  • Villaggio bellissimo molto curato e pulito ho soggiornato per 3 giorni in un lodge immerso nel verde con TV e aria condizionata e bagnetto con doccia. Trenino per gli spostamenti molto comodo. Piscina con bar e area fitness con bici da spinning. Colazione, pranzo e cena tutto al buffet con varietà di portate per tutti i gusti. L' animazione dopo cena propone spettacoli molto belli

    Mirko Hopahi

  • The lodge tent was perfect and clean. Also the kind staff was really helpfull. Especially for kids this is a perfect resort. Also the area is perfect, a lot of wineyards and tastings.


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