Family Holidays

Family Resort in Tuscany Coast

A village in Tuscany for children, tailor-made holidays for families

Welcome to our holiday resort in Tuscany for children, designed in particular for those in search of relaxation and all inclusive amenities, for all wishing to experience family friendly holidays and strengthen parent-child relationships, have fun, relax, share activities and even find a little time for themselves.

Children are the real centre of this holiday village, enlivening every part of it, from the beach of fine sand, perfect for toddlers to play on, to the crystal-clear waters of the sea, through to the entertainment, fun and amusement options. Every day is one of the tiles in a mosaic of thrilling adventures, full of opportunities for growth and making friends. Pool, activities schemes for all ages from toddlers to teens and juniors, football fields, archery, beach activities, beach volleyball and much, much more!


The buffet restaurant also offers you a rich menu designed especially for children, with healthy, nourishing food made from genuine ingredients with zero food miles. We take great care when preparing all recipes and dishes, in the conviction that a healthy diet is one of the pillars of wellness.

Rest and leisure

The resort’s magnificent environmental setting is excellent for living in contact with nature and teaching the little ones the magic of quiet and patience; the joy of seeing a squirrel right next to the chalet or the thrill of listening to birdsong. Here, a beach holiday also comprises the utmost respect for the environment. We believe in helping to develop a sustainable, better world for the younger generation.

We care for families, giving them opportunities for rest and leisure, wellness and carefree enjoyment, believing firmly in the principles of eco-friendly, responsible tourism, working every day to improve the lives of the people who enrich our dimension. Once you’ve parked your car at the entrance to the village, you’ll leave the daily grind behind, and have a natural oasis of charm ahead of you. A village in Tuscany for children, Tuscany for families.

Family Village

Our idea of holiday villages for families engages with the magnificent profile of Tuscany, a varied, opportunity-rich land, to design experiences for children and grown-ups. Our chalets are perfect niches for accommodating couples with babies or small kids, while very large families will be able to try the comfort-rich full immersion in nature of glamping (glam camping) in our tents. Larger kids will also enjoy wonderful days of making friends and having fun, thanks to the entertainment programme with specific groups from the youngest to the oldest age-band.

The utmost relaxation goes hand in hand with sustainable, eco-friendly policies, establishing this family-friendly holiday village for children as absolutely green, innovative and ready to support ecological tourism. We care for people and the ecosystem, in the knowledge that also means offering opportunities for growth and sharing, joining forces to build a better future, starting from our home region, Tuscany.

Good to Know - Family

Kindergarten Summer Camp Donoratico

The Kindergarten Summer Camp Donoratico is an English language camp held at the spectacular Paradù Ecoresort in Donoratico, organised by the Cambridge International accredited school Kindergarten of Florence.


Tourist Resort with Entertainment Service

With the same enthusiasm that has always distinguished us we are ready to offer our guests a rich and updated program of entertainment activities for adults and children for the upcoming season.


Wellness Holidays with Kids

What's your ideal of a wellness holiday? In Tuscany, one of Italy’s most attractive regions, we can offer you holidays for the whole family, rich in opportunities for relaxation for mum and dad and fun for kids.


Family Village Toscany Coast

Have you been planning a nice holiday in Tuscany for a while? Have you skimmed though thousands of hotels and resorts but can't find the right option for you? Well, know that you are going to find the answer to your doubts.

Paradù ecovillage e resort

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