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Take Care of Life with Paradù

Our well-being cannot be separated from our environmental well-being. This is why Paradù Tuscany EcoResort was conceived and built in full respect of the surrounding environment. Most of the choices made during the Paradù renewal phase, which ended in 2014, were inspired by the principles of sustainability, with a focus on environmental protection and the intention of reducing the impact on our ecosystem.

Eco Resort in Tuscany

The first effort to reduce the environmental impact was morphological integration: our Chalets and Lodge Tents are in perfect harmony with the characteristics of the centuries-old maritime pines and oak trees. Design and careful choice of materials: environmentally friendly structures, totally removable, resting on sand and 90% recyclable. Each Bungalow is independent in terms of water and energy consumption: an internal control panel manages demand and, in case of waste, alternates them. The interior building materials are also largely recyclable.

Great attention has been paid to the sustainable supply chain, spreading and keeping its suppliers up-to-date on sustainable initiatives and monitoring their behavior. In the choice of suppliers, the Tuscany EcoResort prefers companies located nearby thsu optimizing the handling of goods and materials and decreasing transportation and the environmental impact associated with it. Protecting the surrounding environment is another priority; native flora and fauna are protected and environmentally correct behaviors are suggested to guests and staff. In addition, Paradù aims to become a real energy factory.

Green Holiday

Following the initial philosophy, Paradù uses an energy consumption monitoring system instead of fossil fuels and is characterized by the exploitation of a sole source of energy which is electricity. With the new 500kw photovoltaic system, designed on the basis of the Resort’s current consumption, Paradù will meet its entire energy need through self-production of clean and renewable energy, thus avoiding residues, emissions or waste, thermal and noise pollution.

The first of the Paradù’s goals is to participate in the development of a sustainable world, capable of safeguarding our natural environment together, grasping the innovation of technology and respecting the greenery that surrounds us. Being part of this project means contributing to the defense of nature and the ecosystem… having fun.

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