Tuscany Parks

Historical, naturalistic, archaeological and amusement parks

Some Tuscan Parks have to be included on anyone’s must-see list. Our Tuscany eco resort is the perfect base for travelling to the natural and historic locations that give genuine insight into the local area, highlighting its origins and old traditions, sometimes featuring specific artists, or offering experiences of absolute enjoyment, to be shared as a family.


Tuscany’s parks conserve authentic examples of a unique, variegated ecosystem, which includes wide beaches and rocky shores, dense pinewoods and forests, hills of clay terrain or covered with olive groves and vineyards, and clearings through which streams and rivers flow, sites of ancient remains or the first rural settlements.

The Val di Cornia Parks introduce us to a history reaching back thousands of years, from the ancient Etruscan people down to the iron mines. The Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park contains priceless remains which tell us about our Tuscan ancestors, their construction skills and the development of the cult of the dead. The Sterpaia Coastal Park offers an alternative to the resort’s private beach, with many points of access to a beautiful shore, sheltered by a delightful pine forest, home to many squirrels (Carlappiano and Carbonifera are the loveliest spots)

The Archaeological Mines Park of San Silvestro introduces visitors to the heyday of mining in Tuscany, including in-depth descriptions of the ores themselves, evocative accounts and a ride on a mine train. A cultural visit which children will love (if the visit is booked in advance, they can actually look for ore themselves, picks in hand).

The Bioparco Gallorose at Cecina is home to farm and savannah animals, while the Tarot Garden created by American artist Niki de Saint Phalle at Capalbio recalls the architectural works by Gaudi in Barcelona.


Just six kilometres away, the Cavallino Matto at Marina di Castagneto is Tuscany’s largest amusement park.

7 hectares in area, it offers many attractions: Colorado boats, safari adventures, freestyle and a pirate ship are just some of the many items on offer.

The Hanging Garden Adventure Park is in the Belora – Riparbella – river Cecina nature reserve. This attraction, with a wealth of activities for children and adults alike, is located amidst 600 hectares of woodlands near the Riparbella Environmental Education Centre, with visitor accommodation and classrooms. The “Garden” woodlands contain acrobatic treetop routes, nature walks, acrobatic games and amusements; the opportunities offered include instinctive archery and orienteering competitions. The Adventure Park is near to the San Pietro in Palazzi exit of the S.S. 1 “Variante Aurelia” highway.



The favourite Tuscan parks for children and families include the two Acquavillage parks at Follonica and Cecina, two corners of Hawaii with hundreds of metres of water-slides, pools, shows and attractions with infinite opportunities for fun!

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