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Corporate retreats in Tuscany

Overlooking the Etruscan Coast, our resort in Tuscany is a place of peace and tranquillity that offers the perfect setting for unforgettable corporate and company retreats. Nestled in a beautiful landscape between the sea and the hills, it is the perfect combination of natural beauty and excellent service.

The Paradù EcoVillage & Resort is just a short walk from the beach, allowing participants to enjoy the relaxation of beach life and to organise outdoor activities such as beach games, sports activities, yoga and sailing or surfing courses. The Etruscan Coast in Tuscany is one of the most popular destinations for company retreats, thanks to its relaxing atmosphere and Mediterranean climate that predisposes participants to inspiration and productivity.

Creativity & Cooperation

Our resort facilities are equipped to host corporate meetings, workshops and corporate retreat sessions aimed at enhancing collaboration and creativity among team members.
Our team is on hand to provide all the necessary assistance in organising corporate events, ensuring that everything is planned down to the last detail.

The resort’s cuisine is renowned for its Tuscan authenticity and the genuine freshness of its ingredients. During your company retreat, you can sample delicious dishes prepared by talented chefs, accompanied by fine local wines that enhance the flavour of each ingredient.

Corporate & Company Retreat

When it’s time to take a break from work, the resort offers a wide range of recreational activities, including long swims in the pool, lively padel matches and pleasant sessions in the open-air gym to relieve anxiety and fatigue.

The resort in Tuscany on the Etruscan Coast is the ideal place to combat stress and promote team cohesion. The picturesque surroundings, top-notch facilities and Tuscan cuisine will delight all participants, while the unique activities and experiences on offer will help strengthen bonds between team members.

A corporate retreat in this resort is a promise of success through personal enrichment and professional growth for all participants. The beauty of Tuscany and the atmosphere of Paradù EcoVillage & Resort create a stimulating environment where new ideas are born and relationships deepen.
The resort is not just a place to hold a professional meeting; it is an experience that offers insights and connections that can last over time. In this setting, work becomes an opportunity to grow, collaborate and be inspired, enriching the company you work for but, above all, the individuals who make it up.

Paradù ecovillage e resort

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