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Cycling Holidays in Tuscany Etruscan Coast

Cycling holidays for families, a blend of challenges and passion, which strengthen relationships and foster team spirit, are in Tuscany, between vineyard-clad hills and a breath-taking coastline, fragrant woods and pine forests and enchanting villages. Holidays in Tuscany are tailor-made for anyone and for all families, because our area is so rich, varied and full of possibilities that will leave everyone open-mouthed.

If yours is an outdoor-loving cycling family, which loves bike-tours, you’ll be able to take on lovely unpaved roads (such as the very famous Eroica), with long bike trails and routes by the sea, and rural and hill country itineraries which greet you with a fragrance of mushrooms, the tracks of wild animals and remote hostelries where you can stop to enjoy traditional produce. Book your chalet and prepare to set off straight from the holiday village for a full immersion in nature, where you can recharge all your batteries and encounters with wild boar or fallow deer are quite likely.

On your return from your sporting adventures you will find a resort rich in eco-friendly, sustainable comforts, ideal for relaxing after a day’s exercise and exploration, and for restoring your balance with a dip in the pool or in the crystal-clear waters that wash the private beach.

Marina di Castagneto Carducci ride

• Frequency: Once a week
• Difficulty: easy
• Participation: free of charge (not including bike hire)
• Distance: 18 km approx.
• Climb: 45m
• Starting point: Reception
• Description: Route suitable for all, including families with children. We cycle to the Via Aurelia and cross part of the village of Donoratico as far as the Railway Station, where we join the cycle track. The route continues across fields, pine-woods and then asphalt avenues to the seaside village of Marina di Castagneto Carducci, 7 km from the Resort. Unpaved roads, paved roads, woodland trails.

That Tuscany as a whole is a land where cycling is at home is well known. The passion for two wheels is widespread, both as a sport practised and as pure personal pleasure. The Costa degli Etruschi, with its beautiful beaches, shady pine forests and all the amenities you could wish for, offers roads and trails suitable for those who love to explore the world by riding bike.
Choosing Tuscany for a group cycling holiday is the best way to organise an adventurous trip in search of suggestive villages, hidden between the sea and the hills.

The Paradù EcoVillage & Resort is the ideal destination if you want a bike-holiday that allows you to relax while making long excursions on two wheels, in a landscape that offers the opportunity to tackle plains and hills. You will find wide and comfortable roads running along the coast, to be ridden happily as a couple or as a family, and rough and challenging trails in the woods, to be enjoyed in challenges between friends or against the clock.

By bike between nature and history

The bicycle is the means par excellence for getting to know an area, slowly discovering all its secrets and panoramic viewpoints.
Not far from Paradù EcoVillage & Resort, easily reached by bicycle, there are two villages where Tuscany is at its best.

In Bolgheri you arrive through the famous Viale dei Cipressi that inspired Carducci, 5 kilometres in which you will feel as if you were part of an ancient postcard. At the end of it, the red-brick castle is the entrance to the village with its typical stone and brick houses and craft shops that colour the narrow alleys.

Costa degli Etruschi by bicycle

Closer to the sea, Castagneto Carducci can be the destination of a bicycle excursion to enjoy the peace of a village perched on a hill, around an imposing medieval castle.
Starting from Paradù EcoVillage & Resort, however, there are not only the best known and famous villages to visit. You can discover the coastline, amidst panoramic views and archaeological sites, or relax on itineraries immersed in nature and you can choose which difficulties to tackle.

An example for all: a bike route of medium difficulty involves climbing up to Castagneto Carducci and reaching Sassetta, following a road immersed in the woods, then tackling the many bends that lead to Val di Cornia. All around you you can appreciate the charm of the Tuscan land, among pine forests and isolated farmhouses, like a photo in which time has stopped to welcome you on a regenerating holiday for the body and mind.

Paradù ecovillage e resort

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