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Half Board Holidays by the Tuscan Sea

Buffet-Restaurant La Pagoda

When you decide to spend your summer holiday by the Tuscan sea at the Paradù EcoVillage, you will have the unique opportunity to experience relaxing days surrounded by beautiful, salubrious nature, among the forests of holm oaks and maritime pines and the beauty of an uncontaminated coast, as well as an exclusive chance to enjoy tasty and natural food. As you explore the offerings available at the Resort on our website, you can find out how your stay at the Paradù will feature a multitude of services — a wide range of opportunities to play different sports, to savor the sea, and to discover the fascinating history and the enchanted landscapes of the surrounding area. Wonderful flavors and scents are going to enlighten your stay and sweeten your return home as a reminder of an unforgettable holiday.

Tuscany, sea, Paradù: how to choose the package that best suits your needs and your well-being

When you are planning a holiday, you first need to choose the package and options that best suit your needs. For example, in Tuscany and by the sea, going half board is the most appropriate way to enjoy to the fullest the endless freedom of summer days as well as the exquisite and mouthwatering dishes offered by the renowned Chefs of the Paradù Resort. The “eco” prefix that describes our village not only matches the sustainable structure of our chalets but it also defines the theme of La Pagoda Buffet Restaurant. Surrounded by a green and luxuriant pine forest just a few steps from the sea, it provides, through the half board offer, a rich and versatile menu, featuring natural ingredients and a multi-faceted sensory experience.

Whether you would rather enjoy the cozy protection of an indoor room or you love to eat outdoors on the terrace, the Pagoda buffet will let you try out both local and international dishes, always cooked with great attention to detail in order to let you enjoy a tasty and healthy meal.

La Pagoda Buffet Restaurant: delicacies close to the sea

The choice of the half board offer by the Tuscan sea is driven by the longing for absolute freedom as it lets you choose independently how to manage and plan your personal schedule. If you are spending the holidays with your family, and perhaps with your children, a nutritious, invigorating breakfast will be the best way to jumpstart your day: it will give you that boost of energy you will need to enjoy the fun but intense summer activities. Besides, at the La Pagoda Buffet Restaurant, children are always the focus of attention, with a special place reserved for them and personalized dishes, fit for the family’s little ones, constantly hungry for energy and vitality. Starting the day together while talking about what everyone is going to do — such as the games and the sports you will play with your friends or the relaxing moments you will all appreciate together — will definitely make your holiday an unforgettable experience to cherish and share with your loved ones.

After the sun sets down and evening time comes, the restaurant will keep you guessing with a themed buffet. You will get a chance to try Asian or Mediterranean cuisine as well as peculiar Street Food; you will be able to taste unique meat or fish dishes, enhanced by the scents of spices you already know or that you will discover for the first time.

The La Pagoda Buffet Restaurant leaves no one behind: in addition to the children’s menu, people struggling with food intolerances will not be forced to turn down the tasty dishes made by our Chefs; they only need to browse our menu of lactose-free or gluten-free dishes.

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