Yoga Retreat in Tuscany

Yoga Holidays in Italy

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit “Yug” which means to tie together, direct and focus attention on something. It also means achieving union or communion, in the sense of a perfect balance of all the components of our being: body, mind, spirit. Practicing Yoga also means fining intellect, mind and emotions and creating a balance of the soul that allows you to look at all aspects of life with serenity. In short, yoga is a secular spiritual and physical practice that promotes physical and mental well-being with proven results.

Yoga Holidays

It’s a great way to stay in shape while learning holistic techniques to manage the ups and downs of life. Maybe you’re new to yoga, or maybe you already practice weekly, but you’ve never experienced a holiday dedicated to the practice of this discipline.

Yoga retreats take place all over the world and the choice of destination and context is very important! The Paradù is the ideal location for such events: sheltered by sea pines and immersed in the silent nature it will be easy for you to reach mental and physical balance.

Paradù ecovillage e resort

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