Holiday Village Offers

Holiday Village Offers

Holiday Village Offers by the sea

As the daily routine resumes its course, with days flowing by between work and commitments, it is natural to turn our thoughts towards the holidays that await us and the search for the most advantageous offers for holiday resorts in Tuscany.

Starting to identify the accommodation facilities that most appeal to us and meet our needs, and beginning to organise next spring or summer’s stays is the best way to tackle the months that separate us from our next holidays and what we wish they could offer us. There is no universally valid technique to prepare, each of us has our own. In general, booking in advance means not only securing the best available offers but also getting closer one step at a time to the holiday of one’s dreams.

What about the offerings from Paradù?

To those who are looking for the best holiday village offers in Tuscany, Paradù EcoVillage & Resort offers customisation and flexibility, providing the right answer to the needs and desires of each guest.

Booking directly on the official website always guarantees the best available rate. Moreover, our offers reward those who book early. “The earlier you book, the less you spend!”

Among the classic offers for holiday villages in Tuscany, it can be spontaneous to look for those with a discount. Even at Paradù EcoVillage & Resort there are discount offers for your stay. These are those reserved for those who choose to make a deposit or for those who, having already ruled out any possibility of second thoughts and last-minute programme changes, opt for a non-refundable rate. For those who, on the other hand, are always afraid of having to give up their holiday at the last minute, but detest the unexpected and do not want any surprises, we can offer cancellation cover.
This is all part of customisation. And the flexibility we promised? You can find it in our flexible rate, without down payment but with a credit card to guarantee the booking.

Booking with us is convenient

If you request an offer today for the Paradù EcoVillage & Resort you will get the best rate guaranteed, but there is much more.
There are swimming pools, a private beach, children’s games, entertainment for young and seniors, and opportunities for sports. All of our dining outlets, from the pizzeria to the à la carte restaurant, from the wine bar to the buffet restaurant, strive to satisfy the many gastronomic desires and varied culinary needs of our guests.
Comfort and quietness are provided by our environmentally friendly and child-friendly bungalow and chalets, our most welcome guests.
All around the Resort is the wonderful Etruscan Coast where the Tuscan hills with their picturesque medieval villages overlook the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, offering a long sandy coastline all the way to Baratti. You can discover the villages with their craft workshops, towers and castles and then go down to the beach to experience a seaside holiday in a wonderful natural environment.

Paradù ecovillage e resort

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