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Open-air gym: an increasingly popular choice

Ever since Covid 19 broke into our lives, many things have changed and, among them, the possibility of working out in an indoor gym. However, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining; in the case at hand, more and more people have discovered the pleasure of outdoor training and open-air gyms. When you add beautiful, sunny days and a pleasant environment with friendly staff, you can feel more than ever before the need of staying outside the traditional indoor gyms. The interest in open-air gyms is growing exponentially, which is hardly surprising, since this proposal effectively fulfills both the desire to socialize in complete safety and the yearning for a closer relationship with nature. As if that were not already enough, outdoor training brings a number of additional benefits to the body and significantly improves mood, contributing to mental and physical health.

Advantages of an outdoor gym

This is without a doubt a topic of the utmost importance and it drives us to investigate the contributing factors that make outdoor training a proper medicine for our psychophysical well-being. First and foremost, sunlight plays a fundamental, albeit apparently inconspicuous, role: ultraviolet rays boost the synthesis of vitamin D. In addition to providing benefits to the bones by helping our bodies absorb calcium and phosphorus, vitamin D stimulates the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, digestion, and sleep, reduces stress and controls body temperature. Outdoor training sessions, peculiarly while on vacation, also have the advantage of being more entertaining, since fellow fitness partners will be more cheerful, smiling and full of positive energy. Enthusiasm and vitality will be the only things contagious in these open-air gyms and the friendly, warm environment will deliver a captivating and inspiring experience, especially when surrounded by your family, your friends and anyone else with whom you want to share your precious vacation time. From a physical point of view, outdoor workouts, perhaps close to the seaside or on the outskirts of a peaceful, green forest, significantly improves breathing and circulation. Furthermore, training on a natural terrain that features obstacles, climbs or descents, involves a remarkably larger caloric expenditure, thus allowing for an easier, faster, and more efficient weight loss.

Accommodation facilities with an open-air gym: a choice that makes the most of a vacation

Looking forward to the summer holidays, the scorching sun will make outdoor workouts a compelling need. That is precisely why all sorts of different accommodation facilities are getting ready to provide their guests with an outdoor gym that allows them to stay physically fit and to maintain and improve the well-being of mind and body. Why would you spend hours in a closed room, even on vacation, when the environment around us can instead turn into a large, open-air gym? The proximity to the sea, to the mountains or to any other natural and artistic wonders, according to your preference, acts as an extra motivation to get back in shape, and the opportunity to train in the outdoor gym of your accommodation center makes your holiday much more enjoyable and healthy.

Besides being a natural oasis of well-being and relax, the Paradù is also a place to regenerate body and mind through physical activity. In addition to our multifunctional sports fields, you can benefit from our Open-Air Gym, built entirely with recycled and recyclable materials. Against the backdrop of maritime pines and holm oaks, along with the smell of salt, our guests can also train through our Life Path:
an outdoor training circuit, currently under development, intended for stretching and for improving strength, endurance, agility and mobility.

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